Day 11 – VOODOO

I simultaneously love and hate this town. On the one hand, it’s a college town. Everyone here is young. Probably younger than me. Its good to feel like I’m in the same general age group as the community. Apparently I even look like I belong here – people asked me for directions more than once. I also like that people here have no shame. They make what they want obvious. “Yo man, you got Voodoo? Can I bum one of those?” I never thought doughnuts would be so popular that people would stop you on the street and ask for one. Voodoo Doughnuts are.

Last week I went with my Grandmother to Costco in Medford. I noted there that all the employees seemed extremely attractive. Maybe “beautiful” would have been a better term to use. To contrast, everyone here in Springfield/Eugene seems ugly. In the same way that I couldn’t put a finger on the Costco workers attractiveness, the people who live here are overall extremely unattractive.

So far the town (aside from Voodoo) isn’t anything different from any other city I’ve been to. The only thing I see that it has going for it is that I have friends living here. That has pushed me over the edge, though. I have decided that I want to go back home to Chadron. This has been a great visit, but I’ll be plenty done with it when the time comes. I’m gonna be ready to go Home.


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