I headed off to Springfield this morning to visit my friends and former neighbors, Brenda and Levi, their daughter, and Levi’s parents. I found out upon arrival that Springfield (maybe it was Eugene? The two cities may as well be the same…) has a Voodoo Doughnuts. I thought that the only ones were in Portland. I’m happily mistaken.

But let me tell you about interstate driving here in Oregon. See, in these mountains it’s every man for himself. Even the truckers aren’t courteous like they are on the rest of the interstates. Trucks do some horrible things. Going up a steep hill, they will pass each other. Which means that the entire road slows to a crawl. 40-50 MPH. In one of these cases I was in the fast lane hanging back a safe distance until left-truck got by and I could blow past them both. Someone apparently didn’t think my safe distance was worth yielding to, came up past me on the right, cut me off, and GO FIGURE, still had to wait for the trucks. I don’t normally shout and wave certain fingers at other drivers on the road, but that was a situation that sort of needed it.

In another case, I crested a hill as I was passing a truck. Of course, as soon as I got to the top, I began coasting down. Speed limit was 65, so of course I was keeping it steady at 70. Then the hill. 75. 80. Car behind me, car in front of me, truck to my right, cement barrier to my left. Driving faster than comfort down a hill. And of course the hills are all curvy. There isn’t a straight downhill grade. If it weren’t for SLC, I would say it was the most scary drive of my life.

So that was the drive. The visit is much more fun. I got to catch up Brenda and Levi with the last couple years of my life and with what has changed in Chadron. They caught me up on their life. I got to meet their daughter – she was only a couple months old the last time I saw her. She seems to love her new uncle Nadder.

That’s about it I suppose. Again posting half a day late. Hopefully I can get day 11 out on time.


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